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Fluidx Medical Technology’s GPX Embolic is Featured on the Cover of the Journal of Interventional Radiology (JVIR)

  • On the cover, the distal reach of the GPX Embolic Device is highlighted by a striking cast in a pelvic tumor embolization

  • Results of the prospective, multi-center clinical trial are now published in JVIR


Embolic Technologies

GPX Image.png
GPX Embolic Device Horiz.png

Deep, distally penetrating peripheral embolic ideal for oncology and other devascularization uses

ULTRA logo Horizontal tm.png

Portfolio of peripheral products offering moderately distal to highly proximal occlusions, ideal for hemorrhage and other peripheral applications

Impass Image.jpg
IMPASS logo horizontal tm.png

Deep, distally penetrating neurovascular embolic ideal for oncology uses as well as middle meningeal artery embolization

Latest Press

Endovascular Today Logo
Fluidx Receives IDE Approval for Pivotal Trial of GPX Embolic Device
May 2024
Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology Logo
JVIR Publishes Results of GPX Embolic Device Clinical Trial
February 2024
Endovascular Today Logo
Fluidx Medical’s ULTRA Peripheral Embolic Platform in Development
November 2023
Vascular Disease Management Logo
Results of the GPX Embolic Device Clinical Trial: An Interview With Dr. Andrew Holden
April 2023

Fluidx Medical’s GPX Embolic Device – durable liquid embolic

* Data on file. Fluidx Medical Technology, Inc.

The GPX Embolic Device, ULTRA Embolic Platform, and IMPASS Embolic Device are under development and does not have marketing clearance or approval in any market at this time. 

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