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New Embolic Device Blocks Vessels Feeding Malignant Tumors

March 2021

Novel Embolic Device Used for Arterial and Venous Tumor Treatments

February 2021

Cases Presented With Fluidx GPX Embolic Device to Treat Arterial and Venous Tumor

February 2021

New Embolic Device Used in Interventional Oncology for Highly Targeted Tumor Treatment

November 2020

New Biocompatible Particle Embolic Device to Therapeutically Slow or Stop Blood Flow Presented at the 2018 Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) Conference

March 2018

United States Patent and Trademark Office Issues Multiple Patents on New Arterial & Venous Embolic Device to Control Bleeding, Seal Leaks, and De-Vascularize Tumors.

March 2018

New Biocompatible Embolic Device to Control Blood Flow & Treat Tumors Presented at the Leipzig Interventional Congress (LINC)

February 2018